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For us, success is delivering innovative information-driven services that contribute to boosting the performance of our clients.

About Us

Nub Consulting provides knowledge-driven, made-to-suit public relations training and consulting, events strategy and marketing communications services.


We also deliver purpose-built solar power systems to communities, estates and organisations.


Our strength lies in our commitment to work closely with our clients in order match their expectations (a basic minimum) because we appreciate that real success of our clients guaranties our own success.

To ensure this, we have a rich faculty and advisor base across Nigeria and beyond that we can reach out to in order to satisfy our clients. We look forward to interacting with you to work out possible ways we can be of service to you.



Corporate Vision

Nub Consulting’s Vision is to become a valued global brand in corporate marketing communications, management consulting and training by A.D. 2025, doing so by employing cutting-edge knowledge.


Corporate Mission

Nub Consulting is committed to running a caring, diligent and knowledge-based organization where solutions to clients’ management needs are formulated and implemented with precision, zest and informed resource management.


Core Values

We are guided by the following corporate core values and principles by maintaining and influencing:

  1. Global best practices.
  2. Accountability and transparency.
  3. Team diligence and dignity of labour.
  4. Self-motivation and responsibility.
  5. Influential leadership and mutual respect



Some Projects We Have Managed

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Planning and executing your project publicity, public relations, corporate events and editing satisfactorily gives us fulfillment. At Nub Consulting, we are pleased to 'get it done' and done so well.

Nub Consulting's Operating Model


To achieve great results, Nub Consulting adopts our internally-grown, innovative process management model, ‘RAPIE’. 'RAPIE stands for Research, Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation.


Being a responsive organization, we have continued to improve this approach, adapting it to suit the exigencies of our discerning clients.

With motivated leaders as top managers and aspiring leaders at other levels, Nub Consulting connects with clients in a unique way that ensures that the innovative, vision-focussed and cutting edge approaches we adopt aid our clients’ long-term all-round success.


Our Promise

We value this opportunity and would love you to spend some time looking at what we have to offer. Why? It will be our pleasure to be part of your future all-round success. Why? Being a significant contributor to our clients’ future success is what makes us truly successful. Why? Our clients are the reason we exist. Why do we think we can bring great value to your future corporate success? Our team is continuously acquiring insights and growing innovative ideas and capacity to offer robust, made-to-suit public relations, management training/consulting and events strategy/management solutions to match the demands of discerning clients.

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Let's Get It Done.

This expresses our determination to actively work with clients (governments, organizations and individuals) to attain all-round success. It is our firm believe that together, we will attain much.


Contact Us:

  • Phone: +234 703 370 3753
    info@nubconsulting.com Top Floor, Firstline Clinics,
  • Opposite Muritala Animashaun Estate,
  • Km 2 Idiroko Road,
  • Ota,
  • Ogun State,